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Dovanų pirkimas, parduotuvės skyrių pavadinimai, apsipirkimai skirtingose parduotuvėse.

anglų kalbos kursai

Kalbėsime apie dovanų pirkimą, mokysimės didelėse parduotuvėse esančių skyrių pavadinimus, apsipirkinėsime turguje, prekybos centre, mėsinėje bei žuvies parduotuvėje. Taip pat jūsų laukia idomi istorija apie kinų zodiako ženklus.

Dėmesio! Jūs matote tik garsinės medžiagos ir konspekto pradžią. Užsisakykite dabar ir gaukite visą anglų kalbos pamoką, kurioje galėsite išklausyti tolimesnį įrašą, pamatyti video ir žodynėlį, taip pat turėsite progą įtvirtinti tarimą bei peržiūrėti užrašus. Visą audio medžiagą galėsite parsisiųsti mp3 formate!


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1shopping  apsipirkimas
2footwear  avalynė
3department  skyrius
4rat  žiurkė
5ox  jautis
6tiger  tigras

Nemokamoje dalyje pateikta tik dalis žodžių.



  • - Hello, dear learners, of English! Hello, dear teacher!
  • - Hello, everyone! Hello Pauly! I am glad to see you. Today we will learn about shopping. Do you like shopping, Pauly?
  • - Yes, I do. And you?
  • - Me too. What do you like to shop for the best?
  • - I like to shop for clothes and different pieces of electrical equipment such as a DVD player or a coffee maker, used in my home.
  • - Different pieces of electrical equipment are called household appliances and electrical appliances.
  • - Household appliances?
  • - Yes. Household appliances are really useful household goods because they help us to look after our houses.
  • - What do you like to shop for the best?
  • - The most exciting thing is the perfume department. I like buying perfume. I like buying footwear, clothes for my children and food, too.
  • - Could you explain me the meaning of the words "footwear" and "department", please?
  • - Of course.

  footwear is things that people wear on their feet, such as shoes or boots.

  department is one of the areas that sells a particular type of product in a large shop, for example, the footwear department, the toy department.

  • - Oh, no. The footwear department is the most boring thing, because I don’t like buying shoes and boots, but I like buying toys for my nephew.
  • - The toy department is the most interesting for me because there are so many new toys that I have never seen in my childhood.
  • - Yeah… My children like new toys. There are so many toys which give us pleasure and enjoyment. What did your nephew want for Christmas?
  • - Well, he wanted some toy soldiers for Christmas.
  • - Where did you buy them?
  • - I bought them in the toy shop in Maxima. What did you buy for your children?
  • - Well, I bought a doll and children’s laptop for my youngest daughter and a hare for the elder one, but the eldest daughter is not interested in toys anymore, therefore she got a new fashionable top.
  • - Children’s laptop and top? What do you mean?
  • - You know, "children’s laptop" and a "top" are two different words.

  a laptop is a small computer that you can carry with you.

  children’s laptop is a small computer for kids.

  a top is not a toy. It is a piece of clothing that you wear on the upper part of your body.

  • - I see. And you mentioned "a hare". What’s that?
  • - A   hare is an animal like a rabbit but larger, that can run very quickly. 2011 is the Year of the Hare, so I decided to buy a toy hare for my girl.
  • - How lovely. What are the names of other years in English? What is the origin of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac?
  • - The twelve animals in the cycle of the Chinese Zodiac derive from a legend about Buddha who invited all the animals to join him for New Year’s Day. Only twelve animals went to see Buddha. As a reward he promised to name a year for each one in order of their arrival, these were the rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, cock, dog and boar.
  • - That’s interesting.
  • - Actually the ox would have been the first to arrive but the rat sat on his back and jumped off just before they arrived and therefore was first.
  • - What a clever rat!
  • - That’s true. And the signs of the Chinese zodiac are also popular not only in China, but all over the world.

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